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... or 'phone, or e-mail us - once you've bought one of our products, we always appreciate your feedback, good or not-so-good; it helps us to create better products, and it helps you to get the most out of your car.

Once you have taken the big step of shelling out for a gearbox, conversion, or even just a repair kit, don't forget you can always call us if you run into trouble when it comes to fitting or using it. If you get stuck, contact us!

Look after your 'box!

Many of our products have dipsticks or other ways of checking the level and state of the lubricants running inside them. Please read any documentation you have, and keep an eye on them, especially just after you've fitted it, and just after driving hard. Again, please ask us at any time for the hows and wheres.

Warranty information

All of our products and services are warrantied against premature failure and faulty workmanship - as good as our track record is, no-one is perfect and if the worst happens (and unfortunately it sometimes does), the first thing to do is contact us so we can advise on what we can do (and how much, if anything, it will cost you).

The small-stuff: while we have attempted to make all areas of this website factually correct, it does not constitute any part of your warranty agreement or contract. Please contact us for full details about our returns and warranty services. Naturally, this does not affect your rights as a consumer.


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