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We have added some tools and information here which we hope will help you when you're choosing transmission products. If you would rather talk to a real, live human-person, why not give us a call?

Gear/speed calculator tool

We have included a gear/speed calculator tool, which can use to work out your engine speed vs. road speed, rev drop per gear and shift MPH. The tool is (we hope!) very easy to use, and you can find it, along with plenty of information on how to use it, here.

Gear kits information

For a quick run-down on our gear kits, please click here.

LSD information

Information about our limited slip differential tuning services can be found here.

Recommended websites

We deal with a lot of companies and customers with useful and interesting websites. Click here to see our links page.

Products and services

You can get more information about our products and services in our products & services section.


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