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Limited Slip Differential tuning

There are predominately three types of LSD in popular use today. Plate (powerlock), geared (otherwise known as torque-biasing, Torson-Gleason, Quaife), and viscous.

Our services

We currently offer sales and full service on the first two, plus sales and full service on many viscous units.


We are now equipped to carry out the re-rating of several viscous type differentials. This includes choosing a differential preload (known as "poise factor" in a viscous diff) to suit your requirements in many popular units.

This is achieved by the use of different viscosity Silicon liquids, in conjunction with plate numbers and dimensions within a fixed capacity chamber. If all of that sounds a little complex, you should see the formula that we need to use to make our calculations!

Get the perfect setup

All of this means that we can match differential characteristics to your chassis. In addition, using our many years' experience, if you are suffering particular handling problems, we can usually advise a remedy. Whether this means tuning your diff, or, changing spring rates or rollbar stiffness, we can advise.

So, whether it is a simple rebuild, a change of traction characteristics, or advice on purchasing a new diff, get in touch - we can help.

More information

To view our range of limited slip diffs, please click here.


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