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We at Competition Transmission Services, having used a number of shipping/courier companies over the years, got to choose a good one

We prefer to ship with TNT...

We use this excellent company for all of our domestic, European, and worldwide deliveries, and no, I haven't bought shares!

Time has shown that overall, TNT are probably the most prompt and reliable courier for our operation. They are able to handle small urgent parcels, as well as larger palletised consignments

Insurance - peace of mind
Everything that we despatch is automatically covered by insurance against loss in transit, adequately covering its value. This cover is a service offered by TNT, and if you knew how low the premiums were, you would know how confident they are in getting your consignment to you....

How much?
While TNT are not the cheapest carriers in the business, experience has shown us that there is a big difference between low cost and good value. We prefer to offer the latter.

Track your order with TNT
In the unlikely event that you feel the need to track your consignment, ask us for your consignment number and visit TNT's Track 'n Trace website.

... but you don't have to!

If you would prefer to organise (at your own risk!) your own carrier to collect your goods, we won't be offended: just let us know. If arranging your own carrier, you will be requested to pay by bank transfer.


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