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Gearboxman T5 gearkits

After waiting ten years in the vain hope that someone would develop a gearset suitable for the Borg-Warner T5 gearbox, capable of handling the "big grunt" engines, we gave up.... waiting, that is!

The T5 has always had the potential to be an ideal "clubman" gearbox. It just needed some fine tuning.

We have, over time, seen just about all that is imperfect with a stock T5, first-hand. With that in mind, we have come up with a gearset that should address any inherent weaknesses of this transmission.

Short or Long?

Did I say "a gearset"? We have actually come up with two. The first, our wide ratio kit, has the ratios of the standard Sierra Cosworth gearbox: many clients run wide power band engines, and felt that close-ratio would not be a benefit to them.

t5 close-ratio kit: click to enlarge

The second gearset is close-ratio (pictured). This will suit high output normally aspirated, or generally narrow power band engine applications.

See the info box on the right for these ratios and more information.

We can supply this kit fitted to a gearbox on an exchange or outright-buy basis, fit it to your 'box, or just supply the kit - contact us for more information.



part code price
Close ratio gearkit
T5 Borg-Warner, Type 184 (Cosworth)
GBMT51C £1180.00
Close ratio gearkit
T5 Borg-Warner, Type 240 (TVR)
GBMT51T £1180.00
Wide ratio gearkit
T5 Borg-Warner, Type 184 (Cosworth)
GBMT52C £1180.00
Wide ratio gearkit
T5 Borg-Warner, Type 240 (TVR)
GBMT52T £1180.00

Please contact us for more information and to order.

Kit features
  • Heavy duty semi-helical design
  • Synchromesh engagement
  • Constructed from EN36 (9310) heat-treated steel
  • Wide or close ratio
  • Supplied with new steel front cover (casing has to be enlarged to fit "great big gears" through!)
  • Supplied with new heavy duty one-piece operating block
  • 5th gear runs on needle rollers
  • In stock NOW!
  • Wide ratio kit gearing:
    1st: 2.915:1
    2nd: 1.932:1
    3rd: 1.323:1
    4th: 1:1
    5th: 0.8:1
  • Close ratio kit gearing:
    1st: 2.527:1
    2nd: 1.675:1
    3rd: 1.259:1
    4th: 1:1
    5th: 0.87:1

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