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Ready to order? We are happy to accept payment by card or bank transfer. Please contact us to place your order.

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Please note: all prices within the EU are plus VAT at 20%. Please do not send credit or debit card details to us by e-mail as this is not secure!

I originally thought long and hard about introducing a "shopping basket" or "buy online" system to this site, but decided against it.

It would be all too easy to have you "click here" or "enter credit card details" there. However, that is not what we are about.

You are here because you either want or need a new transmission (or component). I would like you to buy it from us, but be happy with your purchase.

I would rather have you purchase the right transmission or transmission component, without having to go through the pain barrier with you either sending the part back for refund, or, worse still, slagging us off on the forum that led you to us in the first place!!!

If you have an idea of what you want / need, but aren't sure, then contact us. We will offer the right solution. Yes, it is likely that we will remove large sums of money from you, but you will get the right bit for your requirements!

In my experience, even the most experienced race car builder looks to us for advice on just which product would be suitable for a particular application. He (she) comes to us because we are specialists in our field, and knows that we will offer the right product, regardless of which one gives us the best profit margin!

In an effort to make this transaction as painless as possible for us both, have a look around our catalogue, and if you wish to purchase something, and know exactly what you want, then email / fax / phone us with your order. We will advise on delivery time, costs, etc, at that time. If you're not sure, contact us anyway with an idea of what you're trying to achieve, and we'll advise you of the best value course of action.

Please do not send your credit card details by email. This is not secure!

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, then please contact us with your requirements.

Thankyou for your interest! - Bernie Braden, proprietor, CTS.


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