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... including B&M short-throw gear levers, re-build kits, Quaife gear indicators.

A range of aftermarket aluminium and light-weight magnesium alloy bellhousings.

Crownwheel & Pinion
Motorsport spec English and Atlas axle crownwheel & pinion sets.

Our extensive range of Quaife, Tran-X, Gearboxman and Gripper limited-slip diffs, including plate, viscous and torque biasing.

A range of uprated and competition-spec gearboxes including Quaife, Gearboxman, Richmond for applications from fast road to rally and race.

Gear kits
Quaife, Tran-X, ZF and Gearboxman gear kits for a wide range of applications, from helical (road) to straight-cut (competition).

Lubricants and fluids
Our range of high performance fluids for your 'boxes and axles.

Road transmissions
Let us supply your car or light commercial's transmission with our fast turnaround service

Our services include:

Shot peening & polishing
Combats stress fracturing for high-load applications.

Precision build service offering reduced drag and improved gear shifting.

Component uprating
A range of options to help get the most out of your car.

From daily drivers to full-on rally monsters, we can build a box to suit your needs and budget.

We're proud to have so many happy customers: our impartial advice is free so you can make your own mind up about our products.

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