Limited Slip Diffs by...
Gearboxman diffs
our own range of motorsport-spec viscous diffs
units are stripped, overhauled, rebuilt and fitted with fill and bleed screws
"poise" set to your requirements by charging with the correct viscosity fluid
re-rated units are a popular and cost-effective upgrade
ideal for overcoming rulebook restrictions, e.g. group N
supplied as an exchange unit

Gripper diffs
new range of diffs
wide number of applications currently available
new diffs in development - contact us if you can't see what you need

Quaife diffs
torque biasing diff
rugged construction ensures total reliability
range covers motorcycle-engined vehicles to commercial
suitable for road or competition
reknowned for minimal torque steer in FWD applications
wide range of applications

Tran-X diffs
plate-type diffs suitable for many applications
this type of diff can be useful in certain driving conditions; it will drive with one wheel off the ground, or a broken driveshaft
configurable design allows adjustment to suit your requirements
alternative ramp angles for fine tuning of action on drive and overrun for turn in, off-power, and power-out characteristics
preload and percentage of drive given is user adjustable


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