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Borg-Warner T5

Exclusively available from Gearboxman

Gearboxman-designed uprated gearkits

from £1,180
Heavy duty semi-helical design
Synchromesh engagement
Constructed from EN36 (9310) heat-treated steel
Wide or close ratio
Supplied with new steel front cover (casing has to be enlarged to fit "great big gears" through!)
Supplied with new heavy duty one-piece operating block
5th gear runs on needle rollers
In stock NOW!

Quaife gearkits
vast range available
fast-road to race, rally, off-road, hill-climb, sprint, etc.
manufactured from high-grade alloy steels
improved strength
optimised ratios for improved driveability
straight-cut or helical-cut option on some kits
heavy duty selector forks supplied where original has a known weakness
instructions provided
we can supply or fit this kit for you - just ask!

Tran-X gearkits
from £182
straight-cut motorsport-specification kits
we can supply or fit these kits - just ask!

ZF S5-18/3 Direct Top gear kit
from £1800.00
homologated ratios of 2.3, 1.8, 1.36, 1.14, 1.00
various input shafts available
direct fit into standard gear cases
we can supply or fit these kits - just ask!



Discontinued Products:

Please note that discontinued items will not appear on the website, however, servicing and repairs are still available.

Please use the "contact us" link above for further information.

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